Thursday, 21 November 2019

2019 ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit.

Hello guys!!! 안녕하세요!!!

Its been soo long since my last update, my life is a bit hectic with all the midterm exam and assignment but I still manage to complete it. By the way, I went on a trip with my WOW KOREA family to Busan, Geoje, and Tongyeong. 

Did you know that Busan will be hosting the 30th of ASEAN - Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit? The event will be held in BEXCO on 25-26th of November. This event will gather all the delegates from ASEAN and South Korea. 

South Korea has prepared a lot of fun and interesting event in Busan. I can tell you that the vibes in Busan are really good right now; they are really prepared to welcome all the delegates. I hope this commemorative summit will be held smoothly. 

Lets enjoy the picture shall we:

Shafira is standing in front of the big ASEAN_ROK logo at BEXCO, while Tizzy is trying out the translator machine that will be used by all the delegates soon for this upcoming Commemorative Summit.

Jessy posing with the Taste ASEAN background for the ASEAN food event

Azza posing at the light that resembles the logo of ASEAN-ROK

A group photo with Koreans representative that holds all the ASEAN and South Korea flag. They even wear traditional clothes for each of the countries. They were here for a tree light and the ASEAN food event in Seomyeon. We can see how active they are on promoting the ASEAN-ROK event; they even advertise about this event at the highways before entering Busan.

ASEAN-ROK summit banner at Busan Station.

I'm really amazed at how they can manage to pull out everything that can help them promoting this important event. I can't wait for the ASEAN-ROK commemorative summit feedback! I think they will be will a good impact on South Korea and the ASEAN countries' relationship. 

As people from ASEAN countries myself, I felt the love and support that South Korea has shown me for preparing all the things just to welcome my country representative! I hope my Prime Minister and his delegates will enjoy their stay here in Busan, South Korea.

Nabeela Ami Mohd Yusof

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

ASEAN Korea Train

Hello Guys!!!  안녕하세요!!!

I have been selected to join the ASEAN-Korea Train program for 4 days starting from the 15th-18th of October. This program gathers almost 200 participants which include the official government delegations, students and artists/influencers from all the ASEAN countries and South Korea itself. Again it's being organized by ASEAN-Korea Center to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ASEAN-ROK dialogue relations. This program to raise the public awareness of ASEAN-Korea partnerships that contribute to the success of the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit.

We started our program at the Hilton Hotel Grand Ballroom for the welcome luncheon and orientation; in which we received the welcome kit that has been provided for all participants. The welcome kit was legit, they gave us North Face windbreaker, Wireless earphones sponsored by Korea Education and Research Informative Service (KERIS), Blanket and other essential travel kits. 

During the welcome luncheon and orientation

My tablemates: Maggie, Emma, Andrian (Indonesia) and Jenny (Korea) my AKYNW family; my previous program.

The travel kit/welcome kit that AKC provides for all the participant 

After that, all the participants were assigned to their own room, and for those that Korean based students, they are staying in Courtyard Marriot Namdaemun Hotel which is not that far from the Millennium Hilton Hotel. They give us free time for about 3 hours before heading to KBS Hall for the Congratulatory Event / KBS Open Concert. This concert is actually the special edition staged to welcome all the participants of ASEAN-Korea Train.


with Peak from Thailand; one of produce X contestant

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and South Korea in one picture 
AKYNW family gather for another AKC program

The second day started with the train ride to Yeongcheon Station. The highlight for this program is the train ride; for me, this is the best train ride ever! because they provide us with mini-concert from various artists from ASEAN countries, we sing along and even dance together on the train. All of them really did their best, they have earn my respect! couldn't ask for more since everything is perfect. Starting from transportation, performance, and food. They think about every single detail to make sure this program is silky smooth and for me they did it! 

Yaemer- Acapella group from South Korea; their voice is soo good! 

The Apex Project -Acapella Group from Singapore; their harmony is no joke! 

Sekpol Unsamran - Saxophonist from Thailand that also known as Koh Mr. Saxman.
Tiffani Dwiarine Afifa - a YouTuber, influencer, singer, Doctor and also the winner of Kpop World Festival 2017; she is so down on earth kind of person even though she has achieved a lot.

Jackson Anak Micheal - A professional Sape player presenting Malaysia
Nguyen Dong Trieu - Singer from Vietnam

Muhammad Hanif from Brunei, He won the 1st place for 'Bintang Radio 2014' in Brunei

They entertain us during the train ride for 2 days. After we arrived at Yeongcheon station, we directly go to Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju city by bus. Gyeongju is a UNESCO designated world heritage that was the capital of  Silla for 992 years. We were welcomed by Gyeongju Mayor and traditional music. 

A picture with the popular artist from Myanmar

My Indonesian friend is being interviewed with the breathtaking background of the Bulguksa Temple
After wandering around the Bulguksa Temple we ride the bus to Busan. The bus ride took about 1 hour 30 min to arrive, By the way, did you know why Busan being selected for ASEAN-Korea prosperity night. Because Busan is the host city of the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit 2019, and also the second-largest city in South Korea. The dinner was held at the Paradise Hotel in Haeundae which one of the hot spot places here in Busan.

Infamous Youtuber from Korea 'Bandung Oppa' were there as well; He can speak Indonesia really well
After the ceremony comes to the end, all the participants get to check-in to their room. The view from my room was amazing, I'm speechless to see Haeundae beach and Gwanggali bridge from my hotel window. The free times begin and it is up to the participant to enjoy the night at their room or wander around Haeundae beach. As for Maggie, Andrian and me; we are helping the Apex Project group from Singapore to find the local food that they crave for. We went to the nearest market and shows them what to eat; We ended up have a mini picnic at the beach and play some games to light up the night in Busan. 

The compulsory picture in front of the Haeundae sign.
Day 3 begins with a big breakfast at the hotel cafe. After that, we departed from Sinhaeundae Station and heading to Suncheon station. The train ride took about 2 hours and 30 minutes but filled with the performance from the amazing artists again. Differ from other cars; my car- car number 3, the participant from Vietnam started to show their singing skills right after the performance from the artist's end. Because of them; other artists started to join in and we kind of singing and dancing together! They are soo energetic even after the official performance. We had a lot of fun until we arrived at Suncheon Station. We then move to Suncheon Bay Wetland Reserve, we were serenaded by Sirin Opasanon a student majoring in music at Korea National University of Arts from Thailand.

Sirin Opasanon doing an awesome performance for all the participant

We took a group photo with the background of  Suncheon Bay Wetland Reserve
They came up with an activity, in which all the participants need to go to 3 different photo spots that they provided and post it on their SNS (Social Network Site). Whoever post it with the hashtag that they suggest can claim their prizes.

with Malaysian delegates 

Aina (Inha University student) with Danish (Malaysian Muay Thai athlete)
Done with all the group photo sessions, we make our way to the Asia Culture Center (ACC) in Gwanju City for ASEAN-Korea Special Exhibition and Networking Reception. The ACC is an international art and cultural exchange organization, they play the role of an integrated platform for participants from Asia, especially ASEAN. There is a welcome performance that gathers a student from each ASEAN country and Korea; They need to swing a light wand that will move 11 lanterns from other lanterns on the wall just to shows the harmony relationship of ASEAN-Korea.


This ceremony was so beautiful and meaningful, the lantern shows is so well organized. The reception begins at the Bamboo garden in ACC; they serve us with good food and we get to hear the remarks from President of ACC, Mayor of Gwanju and ASEAN Representative Networking Reception while enjoying our meals. We travel to Seoul by KTX after that. Again we are placed in 2 different places which Hilton and Marriot (for Korean based people). For our last day; we are able to relax a bit because the program started after we check out from our hotel which is at 11 am. Then all the participants were given a lunch voucher at the Hilton Hotel. The food was so luxurious, unlimited lobster and fresh seafood are like a dream come true for me. All the Korean based students are given an option whether they want to join the group visit to Namsangol Hanok Village and Namsan Tower or free time by themselves. I choose to go with the group since I wanted to show the Malaysian delegates around. 


The group trip went well and then we departed to Grand Hyatt for ASEAN-Korea Peace Wishing and Closing Ceremony. The ceremony begins with the performance of ASEAN artists and continues with H.E. Kang Kyung-Wha, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, and H.E. Dr. Pe Myint, Union Minister from the Ministry of Information delivering their congratulatory marks. 

For dinner, they serve us with a buffet with food from all the ASEAN countries and Korea. The food was soo good and kind of bringing me back to Malaysia. Overall the program ended with good memories. What I can say is this a well-organized program in which they really make sure everything went so smooth. I enjoy every second of it. Thanks! ASEAN-Korea Centre for this opportunity, I couldn't describe with word how much I love to participate in this program. 

Again thanks, AKC and all the participants for all the memory. Till we meet again on a different program.

*credit to AKC media for the high quality picture.

Nabeela Ami Mohd Yusof

2019 ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit.

Hello guys!!!  안녕하세요!!! Its been soo long since my last update, my life is a bit hectic with all the midterm exam and assignment but I ...